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Metro Fitness | May 24, 2019

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Tendonitis,What is this?

Tendonitis,What is this?

By: Gary Dragon Jr.,PT, DPT

Tendonitis is something we’ve all heard of; but how does it happen? You can start off your day feeling good. Then all of the sudden, for no reason at all, you begin to have pain. It could be the condition called “tendonitis.”

Tendonitis is the inflammation fo your tendons, the soft tissue attachments that connect muscle to bone. There are many causes of tendonitis, but often it is caused by overuse or repetitive movement of a muscle and tendon. Most of the time you don’t know what caused your tendonitis. You may not feel pain until several days later.

Tendonitis is similar to the brakes in your car. You drive around for several years without any problems with your brakes. Then you drive to work with the brakes functioning fine, and on the way home you hear the metal on metal sound. Now you need new brakes; however, the wear and tear was not visible so you continued to drive your vehicle as usual.

A similar scenario occurs with the progression of tendonitis. You may be doing a certain activity over and over that causes irritation to the tissues, but your body does not

register it as pain. You continue to perform the same activities not knowing they are irritating your tendons. Then all of the sudden, you begin to develop pain in your tendons. A lot of times, this is due to poor body mechanics. Improper mechanics can result in muscle instabilities causing the body to develop abnormal firing patterns.

Tendonitis can linger for months to years if the cause is not treated. You can continue to treat the symptoms, but if the problem is not addressed, the symptoms will continue. If you are suffering with aches and pains that just do not seem to be going away, you may be suffering from ten- donitis. Physical therapy can identify abnormal body mechanics and compensating movement patterns and put you on a specific program to help you get out of pain. So do not let undiagnosed tendonitis keep you from performing to your full potential. Come visit us at Action Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine where we can make sure your tendonitis is eliminated and get you back into “ACTION.”

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