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Metro Fitness | April 19, 2019

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Revolution Fitness NOLA

Revolution Fitness NOLA

No matter how long you have been in fitness, or how many programs you’ve tried, one thing is certain: you have never experienced anything like Revolution Fitness NOLA. This brand new state-of-the-art facility recently opened in Metairie and  offers a completely different type of workout that will change your health, change your body, and most importantly, change your mind about what it takes to achieve your Fitness goals.

What makes Revolution Fitness NOLA so unique is the elite training programs it offers that simply cannot be found in traditional gyms. First, the facility houses the Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning program (MBSC Thrive) which offers the most comprehensive performance enhancement training, reconditioning, and personal training avail- able today. MBSC’s results-driven approach covers every aspect necessary to achieve your goals, whether they involve sports performance, weight loss, or a healthier lifestyle. 

Also incorporated into the facility is the Training for Warriors program (TFW), a physical and mental training program originally created for fighters by Martin Rooney. TFW utilizes ongoing evaluation and feedback to adapt specific strength and conditioning protocols to best fit individual needs. TFW encompasses warmups, speed training, strength training, endurance training, flexibility work and nutrition, all of which are based on the comprehensive evaluation process. Training For Warriors is designed to build strength, improve conditioning, reduce fat and/or increase muscle.

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Revolution Fitness also offers Parisi Speed School, which is the nation’s premier program for improving athletic performance and building self- confidence and character in young people. And in addition, the facility contains the most up-to-date athletic equipment, including IndoRow Water Rowers and Keiser compressed-air resistance machines.

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Revolution Fitness is the creation and passion of co-owners Lyle Schween and Christian Varnado. Dr. Lyle Schween, chiropractor on the Northshore, had always worked out in big gyms, but found that his routines had become stagnant and his results were disappointing. When he began suffering from work-related back issues, he met and hired Personal Trainer, Christian Varnado, who happened to be training clients in his home gym at the time. Christian was using his own athletic- based, functional fitness training pro- gram, and even though he worked as a policeman full time, his client base had grown so large he had begun to dream of shifting his career to the fitness industry. When the two began sharing their ideas, they decided to research and travel around the country to find the latest and most effective training methods available. Specifically, they wanted to find programs that incorporated individual evaluation, goal setting, corrective exercises, illness and injury prevention, and guidance for achieving total wellness inside and out. And the results of their research can be experienced now at Revolution Fitness NOLA.

Dr. Schween says that within weeks of training with Christian he saw measurable improvement in his strength, mobility and overall fitness. Like everyone who enters the program, he underwent a Functional Movement Screen first to expose areas of weakness. Christian then used those results to design a program specifically for him, to correct vulnerabilities and increase core strength. Lyle says he has never felt better. “In my practice as a chiropractor, I see so many exercise-related injuries that could have been prevented with the right training program. With the Functional Movement Screen, which evaluates range of motion and movement patterns and identifies weaknesses, the trainer can actually predict where the next injury is likely to occur and design a program to prevent it.” Although this kind of training is invaluable, it is surprisingly cost-effective, and takes far less time than traditional gym workouts. “I have seen far better results in one-hour sessions at Revolution Fitness than I ever did spending twice that time in the gym.”

One aspect of Revolution Fitness that members benefit greatly from is the group training. According to Stephen Kriebel, “It’s unlike any other gym I’ve ever been to. The whole team atmosphere, training with a group, makes you really want to come because you don’t want to disappoint your fellow group members.” Christian says the groups are small, 3-4 people per trainer, and each person is working at the level of intensity designed for him. The smaller group format helps with motivation while maintaining the personal attention each member needs. Courtney Reed calls it “a kind of community, a group of team mates that help inspire you.”

According to another member, Dr. Johnson, “What I find different about Revolution Fitness is the professionalism. They are really invested in the individual and helping you reach your goals. They have high quality trainers, equipment, and programs.” Christian adds that each trainer he employs is certified in every program and on every piece of equipment offered. “Here there is an emphasis on education. The trainers and coaches hold 8-10 certifications each, and we are always learning.”

Revolution Fitness NOLA also features Café Thrive, a performance food bar that makes delicious, all-natural smoothies with no artificial ingredients. MBSC Thrive director Adam Lassus says this facility is the best he has ever seen in the fitness industry. “It offers elite sports performance and training for adults and kids, plus a smoothie/coffee bar to refuel after workouts. Families can improve their health and wellness and have fun, all in one place.”

If you are ready to change your body and your life in a small-group training atmos-phere with the most effective and motivating programs to help you reach your goals, call Revolution Fitness NOLA today at (504) 570-6333 or visit the web site at www.rev- to schedule an initial visit. If you are in the Metairie area, stop in and see this innovative facility and meet the trainers and coaches. After the first visit, you will want to go back.

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