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Metro Fitness | June 18, 2019

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Real Results Weight Loss

Real Results Weight Loss

The story is always the same: the weight started gradually accumulating over the years and after multiple attempts with fad diets, workout programs and general healthy eating plans, those stubborn pounds still do not seem to budge. That is where Real Results Weight Loss Clinic comes in to help each patient who walks through the door find the best path to reach their weight loss goals.

Real Results Clinic offers both surgical and non-surgical approaches to weight loss including the Lap-Band® System, ALCAT testing, prescription weight loss medications, structured diet plans, and the Ideal Protein Diet. Each patient seeking weight loss advice is helped initially by a registered nurse to determine the best course of action to reach optimal results.

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Developed over two decades ago by Dr. Tran Tien Chanh, the Ideal Protein Diet is a 4-phase protocol that helps stabilize the pancreas and blood sugar levels with a structured meal plan and lifestyle program. While on Ideal Protein, patients can expect to burn fat and maintain their lean muscle mass preventing dips in metabolism typical of other calorie restricted diets. In addition to providing high quality protein through tasty and easy to use meal replacement products, patients learn how to change core eating habits like choosing lean meats, heart healthy fats and healthy low- glycemic index vegetables, making Ideal Protein a sustainable and highly successful method of weight loss.

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At Real Results Clinic, while on the Ideal Protein Diet, patients meet with a registered dietitian each week to discuss any potential challenges the patient is facing that week, keeping them motivated to reach their ultimate weight loss goals. Body fat assessments are taken weekly and measurements are taken monthly to show progress in both fat and inches lost. Once patients reach their goal weight, they begin to phase off Ideal Protein, gradually incorporating healthy foods, proper portions, and regular exercise back into their lifestyle to help maintain weight loss. Each patient’s experience is diferent; with the help of the professional staff at Real Results Clinic, every patient receives a personalized plan specifically tailored to their lifestyle needs and body composition.

One unique characteristic of Real Results Clinic is that education does not end after phasing off the Ideal Protein Diet. Many patients continue their nutrition education with the dietitian to optimize their nutritional status, overall health and wellness, and maintain their weight loss. Long-term success with weight loss all stems from continued motivation, a good support system, solid nutritional foundation, and regular exercise. After completing the Ideal Protein Diet at Real Results, each patient should feel confident enough to self-manage their weight while staying healthy and active.


With many different options to choose, Real Results is a clinic dedicated to finding which weight loss method works best to help each patient reach their ideal weight. To find out more about the Ideal Protein Diet Program or other weight loss programs available at Real Results Clinic, call (985) 590- 4061.
“Ideal Protein turned out to be the best decision that I ever made. At the Real Results Clinic, my coach and nutritionist were very supportive and were eager to answer my questions. After only eight short months of being on Ideal Protein, I was able to phase off of the diet. I am now 145 pounds with a total weight loss of 87 pounds! Now, I have so much energy, I feel great, and I have so much more confidence in myself.” Jessica Dunnington, Ideal Protein Diet participant.

Real Results Weight Loss Clinic

606 W. 11th Ave., Suite B, Covington, LA, 70433

(985) 590-4061

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