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Metro Fitness | June 18, 2019

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Prime Fitness RX

Prime Fitness RX

The art district in New Orleans is scattered with art galleries one after the other. At 607 Julia Street, there’s a new business unlike the rest—PrimeFitness Rx. This new gym, opened by Mark and Sacha Owens, is the first gym of its kind. Over the past several months, the powerhouse duo has changed a vacant, unfinished space into a state-of-the- art gym, unparalleled in the city of New Orleans and in fact, the entire state. It may not be an art gallery like its neighbors, but it is a work of art.


The powerhouse duo has been in the business of sculpting bodies and restoring health for over six years.Their new gym—a culmination of years of planning, strategizing, and building a client base—is the foundation of success.

Amongst the storefronts of galleries, Mark and Sacha’s new space stands out as the only gym in the art district area.Their craft can be summed up by the results with the hundreds of clients they have guided to improved fitness. Mark and Sacha spent the past several months building their gym from the ground up—they’ve designed and optimized every detail of their new space. From the multi-colored LED lights to the multiple flat screen televisions and motivational art videos (made personally by the couple with Ben Simmons of Breathe Video Productions) projected onto the walls, there’s an abundance of elegance and function at PrimeFitness Rx.The entire décor from the welcome desk, to the lighting, bathroom fixtures and the music are just some of the features that set this gym apart from any other fitness center—it’s motivational and integrates perfectly with the space that was tailored for optimizing their clients’ results and their experience. Another piece of art commissioned for their new gym is “The Art of Muscle” by the Belgium based artist, Wes L Cockx.


In fact, PrimeFitness Rx is the only gym in Louisiana where you can find the incomparable Strive Fit equipment. This equipment has multiple settings to work each muscle more fully. In addition to the Strive Fit equipment, they have all new Cybex equipment, which was handpicked by Mark and Sacha themselves.They’ve also installed TRX Suspension Trainers and made sure to leave ample space for those busy hours at the gym.

“Our selection of each piece of equipment and the lay- out of our gym are both based on years of research.We strive to be the best-in-class in both the space we have created here as well as in our training process—this embodies our craft as trainers,” said Mark. Attention to detail abounds, such as there being double the number of dumbbells and benches than would normally be found. “We started out with the principles that we wish to be as inclusive as possible and make the most of the valuable time of our clients,” continued Mark.“We then spent a lot of time creating an environment that helps our clients achieve their goals, including attending to their comfort and sustaining their motivation to stay with a health program.”


In addition to the amazing physical site they’ve created for their clients, Mark and Sacha have over six years of perfecting their approach to personal train- ing.The care and attentiveness they share with each of their clients is what separates them from everyone else. As a client of theirs for over five years, I’ve seen astounding progress since I began training with them.They help you to meet your goals, and will continuously guide you through motivation, direction, and that extra push that everyone will eventually need. Mark and Sacha are available at all times of the day, and to say they are committed to their clients would be an understatement.

Their competence can be seen directly through the diverse list of clients they have gained over the years.“PrimeFitness Rx is not just about fit people staying fit but is also about people who know they can benefit their lives through improved diet and a fitness program designed for them,” Mark added. “We have clients who have been well above their target weight for many years and others who have had physical or medical issues who have joined us and worked hard and made pivotal gains. In many cases these people are those we believe might not have stepped foot in a regular gym with normal trainers.”


“We have programs across the board for clients in all sizes and experience or fitness levels.We also work with clients to design dietary programs to accompany their fitness workouts,” said Sacha. “We help you find a vision of yourself which is appropriate and achievable and then help you achieve that. This is about wellness and taking responsibility for your health, to stave off medical issues where possible, and to achieve confidence. It is also about having some fun and being motivated in a deeper fashion,” added Mark.“We want our clients to feel comfortable when they walk in here, starting from any initial point on their path to fitness and wellness. We help them define their goals and then to achieve them.”

While Mark and Sacha may not be Julia Street’s latest visual artists, they have the knowledge and ability to transform and sculpt the bodies of every- one they work with. Their craft has proven results. They are indeed artists, and PrimeFitness Rx is their gym which fits in perfectly right in the heart of the art district.

(504) 402-1996

607 Julia St. • Nola, 70130


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