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Metro Fitness | December 17, 2017

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Lose Weight With…Comfort Foods?

Lose Weight With…Comfort Foods?

Lindsey Billips
Skinny Course Meals
I lost 63LBS in 4 Months

By: Joy E. Rancatore    Photos: Bach Imagery, LLC

Lindsey Billips discovered the plan and support that started her on a whirlwind journey of weight loss. On February 13 she began the Skinny Course Weight Loss Program and has dropped 63 pounds…and counting! Before Skinny Course Lindsey tried other weight loss meal plans, but they all lacked three key ingredients for her—real food, real simplicity and real support. She described many of the delicious meals she’s eaten on the program. “I don’t have to give anything up. It’s food I would normally eat. It’s not diet food; it’s portion control.”
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Skinny Course provides clients with breakfast, lunch, and supper five days a week. These meals arrive pre-cooked and pre-portioned. As Lindsey said, the foods they include are not your average weight loss fare. Her favorite meal includes steak and sweet potato casserole. That same casserole features in the founder’s favorite meal alongside stir-fried flank steak.

Betty Archote started the Skinny Course program after many people expressed a desire for a structured, easy-to-use diet program that includes tasty food. “If we gave someone a structured program, they would follow it,” Betty says. “People wanted more comfort food, not a boring diet.” Betty knows good food. She and her husband own two restaurants in Gretna—Thanh Thanh and Huey P.’s Pizzeria. They also created Healthy Course Meals and Supplements for people with a busy lifestyle who still want to eat delicious, healthy meals.

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The Skinny Course program offers a variety of meals throughout the work week that include foods like chicken parmesan, waffles and bacon, and gumbo. The key to eating these types of foods is portion control, and that’s something else the program provides. Each meal comes prepared in a special container. Once a week clients either pick up their meals or have them delivered. They pop them straight in the freezer and take out each meal right before they’re ready to eat it. Each meal goes from freezer to microwave and is ready to eat within minutes. “It’s working for me because it’s absolutely effortless. Just heat it and eat it!” Lindsey says. “It’s become a part of my life. I don’t know how I will ever cook again!”

Lindsey spends less money than she typically would on food each week and receives a wider variety of meal options. Skinny Course’s type of support gives Lindsey a third reason this program works for her when others didn’t. Betty created this program with her family in mind. As a result, she treats her clients like family. She and her sister started this diet together. It worked so well, Betty shared it with more family and friends as a part of a select group in February 2016. Now they offer the program nationwide. Local clients can pick up their meals each week in Gretna, Baton Rouge or Covington. They can also choose a delivery option for an additional fee.

Since Lindsey has been on the program for almost six months, she has some great advice for anyone just starting out. One of her biggest challenges was making sure she always has healthy snacking options on hand. “I will eat the wrong foods because I’m hungry and don’t have a better option around,” she explains. While snacks aren’t a part of the Skinny Course program, Betty includes great tips on healthy snack options. Lindsey keeps a snack with her wherever she goes just in case a meeting runs long or she just needs a little taste. Lindsey also drinks water throughout the day. She says it helps her remain full and gives her much more energy.

_Y3A6731_Bach_Imagery_finFor the weekends when she doesn’t have a meal provided, Lindsey plans ahead on Thursday to make sure she knows what she will eat. She uses some of the reusable containers Skinny Course provides to help her pre-portion her weekend meals as well. She and her mother—who is also on the program—use the containers when they go out to eat together. They will order one meal and portion it out into their containers, so they still get to eat the foods they love.

Betty encourages clients to stay focused, have a positive attitude and reach toward their goals. She celebrates with each client’s success and serves as their personal cheerleader all along the way. Just like Betty started the program with her family in mind, Lindsey has made Skinny Course a family affair. She and her mother and her aunt each use and love the program. With its real food, real simplicity and real support, Skinny Course allows busy people an opportunity to control what they eat in order to lose weight and be more healthy while not sacrificing taste or quality or breaking the bank. “It doesn’t feel like I’ve had to change my lifestyle,” Lindsey says.


• 3 meals a day, 5 days a week
• $75 + tax/week
• 4-week commitment

• Pickup options in 3 locations:

• Gretna
• Baton Rouge
• Covington

Delivery Available
$10/week in the Greater New Orleans area
$20/week to Baton Rouge, the Northshore and the rest of Louisiana
$20/week to Alabama, Florida, Mississippi and Texas
$40/week to the other 43 contiguous states

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Become a Fit Life Partner and Earn Money!

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