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Metro Fitness | April 19, 2019

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ID Nutrition

ID Nutrition

One size

 By: Lisa Bologna

How individually designed is your nutrition plan? Is it a one- size-fits-all or is it specific to you? For most people, vitamins and supplements are a guessing game we play with hopes that we find what is right for us. We listen to our physicians, read the latest health articles, and mix and match vitamins without knowing how to maximize efficacy or how compatible they are with one another. IDLife emerges as a unique nutrition company with its in-depth personal assessment online. The free assessment factors in lifestyle, such as exposure to sunlight on a daily basis; prescription and non-prescription medication; stress, energy, and fitness levels; and, of course, diet (How much sugar, artificial sweeteners, fruits, veggies and animal protein do you consume?). Your individually designed assessment factors in over 4,000 scientific and medical algorithms to yield a unique result in a twice a day vitamin packet custom made to your nutrition and lifestyle needs. IDLife has literally taken the guesswork out of choosing the right vitamins for you.


Sitting down recently with Josh Rojas, a medical sales rep and an IDLife associate, we talked about what drew him to this specific vitamin company. Having a strong medical sales background, Josh was frequently approached with many network marketing nutrition companies by friends and colleagues. Josh felt a responsibility to be involved with a company that is backed by physicians and medical research. IDLife was exactly what he was looking for: pharmaceutical-grade supplements; a comprehensive health assessment that offers complete privacy and is HIPPA Compliant; and a company backed by 20 years of research and development by physicians.


    Josh and his associate Wendy Ditta, signed up with IDLife and began to take the supplements before promoting them. Within the first month of taking the daily a.m. p.m. vitamins and IDLife’s meal replacement shake, Josh dropped a pant size and feels amazing. “I didn’t expect to lose weight. I just wanted to see if I felt better taking the products. My energy levels and sleep have improved a lot, which helps a lot with having a new baby at home.” Both feel an overall improved sense of well-being and are eager to share the product line.

  Wendy says she has spent thousands of dollars getting health assessments along with prescribed nutrition plans from clinics. “This company makes it so much more accessible to the average person that might not have the opportunity or resources to visit expensive clinics for individualized nutrition plans. This makes it avail- able to everyone that takes the free assessment.”


To take your free IDLife assessment and see what supplements you would benefit from or to learn more about the product line, log onto:          or

IDLife launched earlier this year out of Frisco, TX. Physician based and HIPPA Compliant, the products offer maximum absorption and bioavailability from its products. The full line is also Organic, non-GMO, Gluten-free, and manufactured in nut-free facilities. To join Josh and Wendy in building a brand-new team in this area or to become a customer, contact:

Josh head shot  Josh (504)-264-6508 

Wendy   Wendy (504) 615-0014

 Wendy Ditta – 48 resident of Slidell & serial entrepreneur joined IDLife because she believes in the company’s vision that everyone regardless of your demographic needs an individualized nutrition plan. Being a woman in her late 40′s, Wendy knows the importance of filling nutritional gaps and what wonders it can do for your overall health.

To join Josh & Wendy in launching IDLife in the untouched market of S.E. Louisiana or to be become a valued customer, contact:        Josh (504)-264-6508    or    Wendy (504)-615-0014


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