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Metro Fitness | May 24, 2019

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HRT The real fountain of youth

HRT The real fountain of youth

“We age because our hormones decline. Our hormones do not decline because we age.” This is the mantra for the neuroendocrine theory of aging. Hormones are chemical substances in our bodies that are released to have an effect on tissues somewhere else in the body. Hormones regulate cell functions and control our responses to illness by controlling our immune system, our responses to stress, our sexual development, our growth, and our metabolism. When hormone levels are balanced and at optimum levels in our bodies, we are more likely to enjoy good health; provided our life style choices are also healthful.

Optimal hormone levels occur for most people in their mid-20’s and 30’s, and may continue for another 15 to 20 years with a subtle decline. During this same span of time, fewer diseases arise. Cancers are less likely. Diabetes, heart disease, bone fractures, infections, and so on, seems to pre-dominate before and after these years as well. Beginning in our late 20’s to early 30’s, hormones begin a steady decline. Most people do not usually notice the effects of these until we are in our early 40’s to early 50’s. As the hormonal communication declines, a person begins to age more rapidly. Your biological age is intimately tied to the health of your endocrine system. Any decline in your hormone system has negative consequences on your longevity by increasing your likelihood of morbidity.

Therefore, a significant step toward controlling aging lies in the ability to replenish and adjust hormones. The right balance of hormones helps manage and maybe even slow the aging process, whereas the wrong balance will certainly accelerate it. The goal is to replenish hormone levels equivalent to those found in a healthy 18-25 year old. The reason becomes more apparent by answering the following questions; when do most cancers occur? When do most serious infections occur? When do most medical problems occur? The answer is they occur more often in the very young and the old. Mostly, we are at our peek health in our early-20’s to our late 30’s. However, it is not always just the lack of certain hormones that is the fundamental cause of aging, but how hormones lose their ability to communicate with each other and maintain balance. Fortunately, hormone replacement therapy (HRT), when clinically indicated, can potentially improve a person’s physical and mental status to that of a person 10-20 years younger; provided one also makes healthy nutrition choices, exercise appropriately and effectively manage responses to stress.

Hormone optimization does not result simply by taking a prescription for hormones, but the greatest benefit is by following a three step program. The first step is to balance the hormones that contribute to inflammation, pain, excessive blood clotting, cancer, and so on. These hormones are called eicosanoids. This optimization is achieved through good nutrition, exercise, stress management and maintaining a healthy body composition these. The second order of priority is to enhance your own natural production and secretion of hormones and improve sensitivity of their cellular hormone receptors. This step also combines nutrition, life style, regular exercise, and stress management, along with targeted nutritional supplementation. The third and final order of priority calls for prescribing hormone replacement when clinically necessary. The goal of prescription hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is to achieve hormone balance at youthful and safe optimal levels for as long as possible, decreasing the risk of overall morbidity. When seeking HRT be certain to find a qualified medical doctor who is experienced in Age Management Medicine practices.

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