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Metro Fitness | June 18, 2019

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Corporate Wellness with Rack City Gym

Corporate Wellness with Rack City Gym

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by Liz Maddox

Most people accept the idea that good health and happiness will lead to productivity in life and at work. It’s only recently that companies have and opportunity to foster these things to everyone’s benefit with a Corporate Wellness Program.

The health outcomes of Corporate Wellness for employees may include weight loss and obesity prevention, increased stamina, smoking cessation, blood pressure and cholesterol management, diabetes management, stress relief, and healthy sleep patterns. These are only the measurable benefits! Other outcomes include improved attitudes, collegiality, a unified purpose, and an overall satisfaction with work and coworkers.

The benefits of a good Corporate Wellness Program for the employer and business include lower absenteeism and late arrivals, higher work productivity, higher employee retention, and lower health care and insurance costs. The precise financial benefits were published in the 2014 Harvard Business Review. Companies that had Wellness Programs posted 25% lower sick leave, workers’ comp, disability insurance costs, and health insurance costs than companies without the programs. It simply makes good business sense to invest in a Corporate Wellness Program that can save the company thousands and thousands of dollars.

Steve Daigle and his staff at Rack City Gym want to show you what a comprehensive Corporate Wellness program can do for your business. For starters, they can offer a variety of programs scheduled and designed to fit the needs of your company. These might include lunchtime boot camps, early morning cardio, evening rope slams, cycling classes, Friday employee massages, periodic screening by a local chiropractor, Healthy Course Meals, weight loss initiatives, and competitions like The Biggest Loser, and the access to Rack City Gym with five of the best and most diversified staff of personal trainers in the Greater New Orleans area.

Since instituting the Rack City Corporate Wellness program in Punctual Abstract Co., Inc, Steve Daigle CEO has seen a huge change in his business, most notably, a reduction of cost and a measurable increase in productivity. Recently, in a time when health insurance costs are sky-rocketing, the health insurance for the Punctual Abstract employees has dropped an average of $50 per employee. That’s amazing!

“We at Rack City Gym want to go into a company and build what we have here at Punctual Abstract,” says Steve excitedly. “Corporate Wellness is the wave of the future. It’s changing lives in a much greater magnitude.” He said there was a time in the not-so-distant past when his employees might have met at a bar after work to gripe about their workweek. Now, they meet at the gym after work feeling energized and positive about work and co-workers. Employees support each other in a way he’s never seen before. It has been the best investment he’s ever made for his company!

Whether you’re a business owner with five employees or five hundred, Rack City Gym’s Corporate Wellness can design a program that will improve your company in so many ways. Contact the director Ariel Hunter at 504-239-5964 ariel@ for more information.

Steve Daigle     111Steve

“When I opened Punctual Abstract in 1993, everything was done manually, from handwritten notes on a legal pad to hand-delivered abstracts. What started as a small, local abstracting company has now become a large, nationwide abstracting firm with innovative technology and many other competitive advantages. Along with significant technological advances, my team has developed a customized, proprietary software, whose goal is to eliminate unnecessary, labor-intensive work for our clients.

While expanding my business, I wanted to focus more of my attention on the well-being of my employees; let’s face it, without them I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am today. Adding a corporate wellness program to my organization took a tremendous upfront investment, but the overall benefits outweigh the cost.

Rack City Gym was founded in 2010, and the goal was to change the mindset of my employees. I figured just getting a few of my employees on board initially, would create a significant ripple effect once the others began to notice the results. Personal accountability and individual training sessions make a great impact on the employee, giving them a different, more positive outlook.

We have hosted several weight loss competitions in which the employees not only compete against one another, but they also form closer relationships with their co-workers by competing on a small group level. It’s not just about winning the competition, but encouraging and motivating one another during the course of these few weeks. This inspires each individual to focus on themselves personally, physically, and emotionally. The conversations that I overhear aren’t them griping about their job; instead, it’s about what they’re eating for lunch, making sure that it’s healthy, and checking on each other’s workout.

The return on investment for me as the owner has been tremendous. Overall productivity has increased, health care and disability costs have decreased, as well as a reduction in the use of sick time and in overall employee turnover.”


Five years ago, Rack City Gym started as a 250 square foot warehouse with one trainer, no A/C and minimal equipment. We have now expanded to a 2,000 square foot, fully air conditioned gym with 5 on-staff trainers and 2 group class instructors. We have created what we like to call a personal training paradise with a friendly, humble, motivating environment like no other! Each of our trainers has a method to their madness and brings uniqueness and variety for clients. We are currently looking to expand with an additional 1,500 square foot indoor turf, plus an 1,100 square foot satellite gym space a few miles away, specifically for larger groups and classes. Kaizen is a word we use often that means “continuous, efficient improvement.” You can’t do the same thing and expect different results; we are constantly changing things up, adding new equipment, bringing fresh vibes and just keeping it real all at the same time.



Ariel A. Hunter

Director of HTS/Rack City Gym 

Admin.Assistant and Accounting Specialist at Punctual Abstract Co., Inc.

As a young, active person in today’s society, Ariel loves to focus on the needs of others who want to live a much healthier lifestyle. In October of 2015, Ariel became Director of HTS/Rack City Gym. She is also an intern underneath Dalton Hunter to obtain her certification in personal training through the American Council on Exercise. Ariel is head of the Corporate Wellness program at Punctual Abstract, as well as the Administrative Assistant/Accounting Specialist for Punctual. She encourages her co-workers to prioritize their health and fitness needs by using the availability of the gym. She’s designed an outstanding 12 week Biggest Loser Challenge for all members of HTS/Rack City Gym. Ariel always says, “Assisting others in a healthier lifestyle is stress-free to me. I love making others feel good about themselves.”



Dalton Hunter

Lead Corporate Wellness Trainer of HTS/Rack City Gym 

Owner of Hunter Training Systems

Dalton Hunter is a currently a coach, writer and owner of Hunter Training Systems. While attending Nicholls State University, he studied under Todd Durkin at Fitness Quest 10. He has also studied at various physical therapy practices. Dalton has trained all levels of athletes from pro-athlete to pre-pubescent and his clients range from extreme weight loss to the common desk worker. Dalton partnered up with Steve Daigle in 2010 to open and operate Rack City Gym, the leader in corporate wellness. “My main goal in life is to train people to BELIEVE in themselves. Once you believe in yourself mentally, the physical will follow. This puts you in control of your body and mind, and you can accomplish anything you desire!”



Rachel Miles

Corporate Wellness Trainer at HTS/Rack City Gym

Rachel Miles has been training for 5 years and is certified through the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America. While working to achieve her associates degree is physical therapy, she is also a Corporate Wellness trainer at Rack City Gym. Her goal is to coach people on how to live an overall healthier lifestyle. As the mom of a toddler, she understands the dedication it takes to getting back in shape after having a baby, but that doesn’t stop her from living a healthy lifestyle. Rachel trains people from all walks of life; from the common desk worker to the stay-at-home mom. Her clientele range is women of all ages beginning at high school age to women that are pre- and postpartum. On top of being a great role model for her clients, Rachel is also a NPC Figure Competitor and is working hard to obtain her Pro Card in hopes to make an impact in the fitness industry.



Troy Serpas

Assistant Trainer of Dalton Hunter at HTS/Rack City Gym

Troy Serpas has been an Assistant Trainer/Intern to Dalton Hunter at HTS/Rack City Gym since 2014. For over 20 years he’s always had a passion for fitness. In 2006, Troy received his personal training certification through I.S.A.A. His main goal is to learn a variety of training techniques to not only keep his clients mind and body focused, but to also bring his mind onto another fitness level. Troy is a retired militant of 14 years from the United States Airforce. In the Airforce, Troy worked as a Jet Engine Mechanic on F-15’s. As an assistant trainer of Dalton Hunter, Troy helps with Punctual Abstract’s Corporate Wellness program to give a new light upon bringing healthier lifestyles into the workplace.



Peter Montagnino

Intern Trainer of Dalton Hunter at HTS/Rack City Gym

Peter started working out at Rack City Gym in 2012 after gym hopping for years. The knowledge and experience he has received over the past four years from HTS/Rack City Gym inspired him to become a personal trainer, and is now in the process of becoming A.C.S.M certified. With the help and support of other great trainers at HTS/Rack City Gym, he knows that he can achieve this goal. The trainers and his clients have become part of his family. Peter says, “I am excited to welcome any new clients to our family!”



Stephanie Leblanc

Spin Instructor at HTS/Rack City Gym 

Stephanie’s journey as a spin instructor started off just as a rider in a local gym which offered spinning. She was able to obtain her own personal fitness goals through spinning and was blessed with the best instructors; they inspired her to push and conquer! After many, many years of spinning, and seeing results in her own life, she decided to obtain her Spin Certification thru M.A.D.D. Dogs Athletics. Now, as a spin instructor, there is nothing better than seeing clients achieve their personal goals, gain confidence, have fun and transform themselves through the spinning program! Her goal is to inspire others to have a healthy body and mind to make anything in their lifestyle achievable. The journey starts with spinning!



Shannon Rockweiler

Boot Camp and Freestyle Cardio Instructor at HTS/Rack City Gym

Shannon Rockweiler is a professional dancer, a group fitness instructor, and an A.F.A.A. certified personal trainer. She is a former American All Star Dancer, Debbie Morgan Dancer Graduate, and NBA Cheerleader (Hornets Honeybees). After graduating from UNO with an A.B.A. in Drama and Communications, Shannon began competitive bodybuilding at the age of 24 and retired from it at the age of 30 to focus on assisting others with the knowledge she obtained from the sport. In 2011 she created her own dance cardio workout, Freestyle Cardio, to merge her love of dance with fitness. Shannon studied under world renowned choreographers such as Paula Abdul and Eddie Garcia (one of Michael Jackson’s dancers/choreographers). Her goal in life is to not only make a difference in people’s lives through health and wellness, but to leave a positive mark on this generation.


3rd Annual Biggest Loser Contest

For the first time ever, Punctual Abstract and HTS/Rack City Gym joined forces to have a Biggest Loser Contest! There are six different ways to win prizes, but everyone who participates, loses weight, and gets fit is a winner! This 12-week contest is a fun activity that gets everyone involved excited. While it is a competition, Ariel and Steve found that there was much more camaraderie and cooperation than real competition.

111st place winner

Shannon Jackson

1st place

112nd place winner

Magen Ancar

2nd place

113rd place winner

Ashley Rodrigue

3rd place

11Winning Team Ashley Rodrigue, Shannon Jackson, Carla Rodrigue, & Brian Simmons

Winning team:

• Ashley Rodrigue • Carla Rodrigue • Shannon Jackson • Brian Simmons


Rack City Gym & Hunter Training Systems

3705 Day Street

Harvey, LA 70058



Rack City Gym and Punctual Abstract Co., Inc. have partnered with the following companies to give their employees every tool needed to be successful:

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