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Metro Fitness | June 18, 2019

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Balsaq Brand

Balsaq Brand

Grab your balls and let’s roll!!

BALSAQ-02Christy Peachey, ND CNHP is a native New Orleanian and self-proclaimed ball lover!  A graduate of Tulane University, she is a Doctor of Naturopath, a Certified Natural Health Professional, and has held CrossFit Level 1 Certification, CrossFit mobility, Olympic Lifting, Gymnastics, and CrossFit Kids certifications.  Christy is the owner of An Abundant Life Health and Wellness Solutions, Inc. and has been in private practice for over nine years.  Christy is also the co-owner of Majik Medicine, LLC which will be releasing their Mobility Ballm and a CBD MD Ballm, which are topical muscle relief formulas in just a few weeks. Christy is a single mother of three teenagers.  Launching BALSAQ has given Christy’s kids an opportunity to see how much joy their mother is getting out of the BALSAQ journey, and they just love her entrepreneurial spirit!


BALSAQ-03Kristie Gagliano is a life-long resident of St Tammany Parish who has worked as an artist, stylist, and graphic designer for over seventeen years.  Working long hours late into the night at computers or behind the chair with clients, Kristie experienced a lot of pain and repetitive injuries.  There were periods in her life when she woke up wondering how she was going to conquer even the simplest tasks!  This is where her passion, or maybe I should say compassion, for mobility started to grow. Mobility balls became an integral part of maintaining a healthy body, actually mobility balls became the only way to be able to move without pain throughout the day.  Kristie has said, “The pain became my inspiration!”


The story behind Balsaq is such an organic, homegrown tale….Christy and Kristie met at a local CrossFit gym several years ago, and they instantly became friends.  Their chemistry and shared passion for fitness and fun brought them together.  Since mobility was a daily ritual for both Kristie and Christy, they both used mobility balls to release their tight muscles before and after their workouts.  It soon became a joke between the two of them…how often they kept losing their balls!  There had to be a better way!!  The solution…. BALSAQ!

BALSAQ-16Balsaq is the Ultimate Mobility Solution.  Injuries, muscle aches, and joint pain are not fun.  They hinder workouts and interrupt day-to-day life.  However, using the BALSAQ as a tool to help in recovery is fun AND effective.  You can’t pick up a BALSAQ without smiling; it’s the ultimate conversation piece…and that’s exactly what these two women intended!  Christy and Kristie want to get people active, moving, and frankly, having fun!  These two women are on a mission to keep people moving!BALSAQ optimizes the versatility and ease of massage balls for trigger point release therapy while allowing the user to combine the desired number of mobility balls within a flexible, comfortable, durable and stylish sack. You can take the BALSAQ anywhere, and you should!!

As a Naturopath, Christy Peachey can address inflammation and pain from the inside out by using diet and nutraceuticals.  But she also knows that there is still nothing like good old-fashioned self-massage with the BALSAQ.  It works as a myofascial release.  Fascia is the term used to describe the connective tissues of the body; it’s the fascia that allows a body to move freely.  When this tissue becomes dysfunctional, it can cause pain and a decrease in your range of motion; it can even severely limit movement and mobility.  Trauma, injury, or overuse can often be the cause of thickening fascia.  Knots, adhesions, scar tissue are all common terms that people use to describe the distress of thickening fascia.


BALSAQ to the rescue!!!  BALSAQ can help restore the normal fluidity of your fascia by releasing soft tissue; thereby reducing pain and increasing range of motion.  BALSAQ can help you to get out of bed in the mornings without the stiffness following a hard workout.  BALSAQ can help you to continue the training regimen for a marathon, or bodybuilding show, or CrossFit Competition, or whatever your particular goal is….BALSAQ helps you stay in the game!

BALSAQ is designed to be a therapeutic tool, but it is also important in both pre- and post- stretching.  Both Christy and Kristie, Khristy2, work with several health care professionals who recommend the use of BALSAQ therapeutically and preventatively to their patients.  BALSAQ is designed to be used by people of all ages: young athletes, seasoned CrossFitters, and seniors can all achieve the relief they need to continue their workouts and their everyday lives.


BALSAQ utilizes the most durable and comfortable material offered by the leading sportswear manufacturers. The construction is meticulously designed for the perfect fit and form around the massage balls to eliminate creases and wrinkles when rolling. The handles allow for effortless control. It’s machine washable and made with some of the industry’s most durable and antimicrobial materials.

BALSAQ the name??  Well, what else would you call a sack that holds balls?  It is fun and quirky…just like the two women who came up with it!  The name is meant to be fun, to put a smile on your face…just like the product!  You’ll feel so good after using the BALSAQ that it’ll be hard to wipe off that smile!  When friends ask your secret?  Tell them BALSAQ!

BALSAQ-01The BALSAQ Khristy2 are two fun-loving women on a mission.  The process of bringing BALSAQ to fruition with a partner who is equally passionate is an exciting and rewarding experience.  Christy and Kristie have been graced with faith, fortitude, and fun!  It’s the ultimate joy to share BALSAQ with others! Christy said she’s living the dream….”I don’t know where you’re leading me God, but wherever it is, I’m ready!”

BALSAQ is trademarked and patent pending.  It’s past the prototype and ready for distribution.  The Balsaq Khristy2 is going after their dream.  Everyone who makes an order will receive their product as soon as possible, in addition to being able to be a part of this endeavor from the beginning.  When we see these two on Shark Tank and The Ellen Show promoting the BALSAQ worldwide, we’ll know, we were there in the beginning rooting them on!!

If you’re excited for these two entrepreneurs and want to see more?  You can check them out on social media, both Facebook and Instagram (BALSAQ Brand), and check their campaign on  They will be launching their MOBALLITY program and specially designed MOBALLITY balls in early 2018. Interested in a demo? Contact KC2 at 985-259-5040 or shoot them an email at

Christy and Kristie: Just two women who had a dream to keep people moving and laughing with BALSAQ

BALSAQ-15All of the hard work is now behind us!  We have years of research & development; manufacturer sourcing and prototype refinement.  We’ve perfected the BALSAQ and are confident and excited to offer them to you! Our manufacturers are as proud of the results as we are and are on standby, ready to fill every order in as little time as possible.

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