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Metro Fitness | April 19, 2019

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Healthy Course Meals

Healthy Course Meals

Build your own by picking your PROTEIN, CARB and VEGETABLE.

Meals are pre-portioned and ready to heat and eat. Ordering is simple: choose 1 protein, 1 carb and 1 vegetable for each meal. Do this 5 times for $35. Delivery or pick up options are available in the New Orleans area. Outside of New Orleans, please contact to make arrangements.

Order online or by phone: • (504) 352-7573

Like most people, you probably have a New Year’s resolution to work out more and eat better food. You’ve joined a gym or studio, maybe even hired a personal trainer. But do you have the time and the energy to prepare all of your meals ahead? What ingredients should you use and how big should the portions be? Will you be able to eat healthy affordably? Healthy Course Meals of Old Gretna has the solution for you offering healthy, prepared meals to go. Their most popular meal plan is their 5 for $35, appealing to any healthy eater on the go and making the nutrition part of the fitness equation that much easier. The meals are perfectly balanced with right combination of lean protein, fresh vegetables and complex carbohydrates with controlled portions and the food is tasty enough for the most discerning foodie.




Donovan and Betty share a passion for fitness, especially with their busy lives. Donovan Archote started early with fitness in high school with body building. After high school, Donovan started competing in fitness competitions and is currently a personal trainer and also serves as a Louisiana State Trooper. The Archote’s own two restaurants in Old Gretna, Thanh Thanh and Huey P’s Pizzeria, where Betty is the chef and runs daily operations at both locations. They hear from their customers, family, and friends that everyone wants to eat healthy but it is too expensive (whether to purchase healthy ingredients to cook or to buy prepared meals from healthy food stores), too time consuming, or too tastless. Any one of these would make eating healthy a challenge but all three make it impossible for most people to stick with over a long period of time. Life became even busier for Donovan and Betty as they added onto their family recently and are presently the proud parents of 14-year old Taylor and their infant son Henry. Raising two children and running two businesses made Betty realize that she was challenged the same way that most new mothers are: she was working out but she didn’t have the time to meal prep to eat healthily. After discussing it with her husband, they realized they had the opportunity to offer exactly what they needed as a family-healthy meals to go. The Archote’s knew that if they could offer healthy meals, it could help so many local families like theirs, with demanding jobs and lifestyles. Using their fitness background, their commitment to a healthy lifestyle, Betty’s culinary skills, and the restaurant’s kitchens Healthy Course Meals was born.


The meals prepared by the Archote’s are not your typical , bland, dry chicken and veggies. They know in order to tailor their food to the area, it has to be gourmet quality. The menu reads like a great local restaurant’s: Chicken Satay, stuffed chicken breasts, cauliflower crust pizza, and sweet potato protein pancakes, to name a few. The food is well balanced and perfectly seasoned, in the perfect proportions and ready to eat. There is a wide range of menu options ensuring you never get bored with your meals. Understanding all of the dietary restrictions people are challenged with, Healthy Course Meals can also prepare meals that are friendly for those on gluten-free, dairy-free, diabetic, vegetarian, vegan, or organic diet plans. The meals are custom made to order, with local and fresh ingredients, and without MSG or any preservatives. The clean meals offered are perfect for everyone whether young or old: a fitness competitor or someone just starting to work out, high school or college athletes, marathoners, cyclists, tri-athletes, the busy professional, the active senior, and the overscheduled mom. The meals are perfect for maintaining muscle for the fitness enthusiast and may also help those committed to getting in better shape by losing up to 2-3 lbs a week. With the right balance of protein and complex carbs and an affordable price, the Archote’s have made eating healthy and clean in the New Year an easier resolution to keep.


The Archote’s are proud to be native New Orleanians and their businesses are a part of the Shop Local network. Healthy Course Meals uses local produce and seafood in their meals. Meals may be customized when ordering according to diet specifications. To view the menu, how to order, pick up or delivery options, or for nutrition information, please visit their website: or visit their location in beautiful, historic Old Gretna at Huey P’s Pizzeria 139 Huey P. Long Ave. Gretna, LA 70053, (504) 352-7573

Order online or by phone: • (504) 352-7573

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