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Metro Fitness | June 18, 2019

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2017 Dragon Boat Races in Madisonville • May 13th

2017 Dragon Boat Races in Madisonville • May 13th

8th Annual Walgreens Greater New Orleans International Dragon Boat Festival

Saturday, May 13th

Early Registration By Feb 15th • Sign Up Now


Q: Dragon Boating (DB), that sounds like a lot of fun. What is it and who can participate?

A: Dragon boating is an ancient Chinese sport that dates back 2,500 years. It came to North America about 30 years ago and has been growing rapidly around the world since then. As for what it is, imagine a 40-foot long canoe with a dragon head at the front and a dragon tail at the back. There is a drummer at the front keeping 20 paddlers paddling in unison as they race down a buoyed race course.


Q: Is this a fun race or do you need to be a serious competitor?

A: Like any sport, there are many that take is seriously, but the vast majority do it for fun. So much of the success of a dragon boat team is tied to how well the team works together. As a result, the sport is fantastic for team building. Most of the participation comes from local businesses, corporations, and community groups. Grab 20 colleagues or friends and hop in a boat, it is truly as easy as that. The ease of entry into the sport is so minimal. We provide the paddles, life jackets, and boats, you just need to show up ready to have fun and get a little wet.  The majority of participants first enter the sport through a corporate team with a 1-hour practice.


Q: How long is the race?

A: At this event, the course is 400m. This generally takes 2 – 3 minutes to complete a race. Each team will race three times throughout the day and everyone has a chance of winning coveted trophies and medals.


Q. What’s included in the race fees?

A. Your entry fee includes a 1-hour training session with a coach during the week leading up to the event, a 10×10 team tent in the Athletes’ Village for the team to hang out in, guaranteed 3 races on race day and all equipment is provided. Registration starts as low as $50 per person.


Q: Are you looking for individuals or teams for the races?

A: We welcome both. If you have a group of 17-21 people interested, join in the fun and sign-up today. If you or a couple of friends are interested, there is a pay per seat option available, just give us a call to join.


Q: Can businesses sign up a team to represent their business?

A: Absolutely. We even have what is called an Industry Cup Race. This is a special race where all of the teams from a specific industry race against each other for bragging rights. For example, the Law Firm Cup, pitting all of the local law firms against each other to see who wins a year’s worth of bragging rights. Most importantly, the event benefits the Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center. So it presents a great opportunity for a business to come together for some fun and raise money for a fantastic local cause.


Q: What can we expect on Race Day?

A: Participants will need to bring clothes to get a little wet, along with a change of clothes. Each team receives a team tent which will be your spot to hang out in all day so you can bring blankets and camping chairs, anything to make your day comfortable. At the event, there is a fully festivalized expo area including the Walgreens Health & Wellness Village, food and retail vendors, kids area, and a beer tent. Spectators are free to the event so bring your family and friends to cheer you along and to enjoy the festival.


Q: Can anyone sign up or is there any special type of training required?

A: No experience is necessary, it’s for all shapes, sizes, ages and skill level. The beauty of the sport is that anyone can do it. As part of your registration, we provide a practice session with a coach, but otherwise, you are good to go.


Q: What are the physical benefits of (DB)?

A: Dragon boating is fantastic for developing your core strength. With very little impact, it is great for those with bum knees. It builds strong back muscle, strengthens obliques, abdominal, and lats. There has also been a lot of research on the positive effects of the sport for breast cancer survivors. As a sport, the benefits are both physical and mental for those young and old.



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Leslie Landry:

Mary Bird Perkins Cancer



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